Honey Bee Buzzed

By Sharon Letts Humboldt Medicine Boston native, Ellen Markham, split her time between Portland, Oregon and Humboldt County in Northern [...]

Fighting For Women

How cannabis helped one California attorney fulfill her potential, and is leading to her next great adventure: Medical school    Captivating [...]

Backcross PR

BUILDING CONNECTIONS and EMPOWERMENT Through Cannabis   Angelica Tellez is on a mission to connect the power of cannabis with people. She is [...]

Resin Ranch

Outlaw Dry Sift Hash and Flower for Your Holiday Enjoyment.         December edition of Pot Talk Todd [...]

Emerald Scientific

Emerald Scientific is re-approaching the science of cannabis and helping to set standards along the way. The multi-faceted company is [...]

Environment, Community and Cannabis with Emerald Genetics

Emerald Genetics isn’t just a cannabis collective, it’s a “revolutionary solution to major sociological and economic problems [that] many depressed [...]

Quality Control

Northern Emeralds and the Next Era                   Several decades ago, Hunter S. [...]

Emerald Grown and Proud

“We are farmers, and proud of it.” How the Emerald Grown Co-operative and a visionary documentary film project are championing [...]

The Emerald Exchange: California Green Lit Weed and Farmers are Ready with Open Jars.

The Emerald Exchange hosted its second ganja farmers market at a private ranch in Malibu, California on Nov. 12. Our [...]